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Classes & Products


Here you will find the different Classes and products that Judy's Novelty Wool has to offer for purchase.  If you have questions or are interested please feel free to call me at the listed phone number listed above.

Class schedule
For the 8 week class on Beginning Spinning Basics, I teach one on one, or in small groups (Up to 3 Students). 1.5 to 2 hrs per week.

Cost: $250 for 8 week class or $25 per hour

These classes begin when the student's schedule and my schedule match.  I am very flexible in shifting weeks, days & times to help work with scheduling conflicts.  We try to make this fun and educational for all involved.

Current Class times: Tuesdays 2pm, 6pm.  Wed/Thurs 10am, 2pm, 6pm


Raw fleeces. The base breed is Rambouillet, with Finn, Jacob, Romney, and crosses.   We shear in January.

Black Merino Roving $38 per pound, or $2.50 per ounce
White Merino Roving $30 per pound, or $2.25 per ounce
White Corriedale Roving $22 per pound, or $1.75 per ounce
Tussah Silk Roving   $40 per pound, or $3.00 per ounce
Dyed Silk Roving  $5 per ounce
1 ounce baggie dyed wool $3.75
Dyed Wool Locks   $1.50 per ounce
Smog (wool batts)  $18 each  (average weight 15-16 ounces)
Dyed Smog           $30 each
Howard Hand Cards prices range from $50.55 to $66.75, depending on size and Tines Per Inch
Other products carried:
Cushing Dyes $3.25 each
Knit Pick Needles, and misc. tools
Fleeces of several breeds and cross breeds starting at $8 per pound UNSKIRTED,  and $9 to $11 per pound SKIRTED

Hand Dyed Roving


Product Name - Brianna's Sunset
Product Description - Merino 4oz.   

And Many Others to choose from!


Crystal Palace Yarn

Locker Hooking Kits

  1. Includes instructions, Rug canvas, Locker hook & Roving (makes a Hot Pad. Small enough to finish a project while learning the technique)


Contact Judy directly at woolone @ or phone 801-298-1356.


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